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From Our District

For Our District

Public School Proud!

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CUSD Mom• CUSD Alum• CUSD Community 

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This step forward for our community is very personal to Patti.


Patti Serrano is an Arizona native who graduated from

CUSD's own Hamilton High School.

After starting her family, Patti made it a priority to continue her family's legacy in CUSD with her child's education. She is a proud public school Mom grounded in our CUSD community.

As a CUSD Mom, Alum and community member, Patti has distinct ties to our District. Ties that continually remind her of how much she loves our District, chooses it everyday and want to always do better by our schools. Doing better takes listening, learning, effort and commitment. This is why you will catch Patti in different parts of our district listening and learning to bring the best representation she can to our board.

These past few years have been challenging for many of us: a historic pandemic, cost of living rising, and continual attacks on public education...our schools have been hit hard. Frustration and disappointment exists for many of us - especially the over 90% of Arizonans who, like Patti, rely on our public schools.

We must use the tools we have to protect our schools and do better. One of those tools is electing pro-public education candidates to our local school boards and across our Ballots.  Patti is 'that' candidate for CUSD.

As a Mom, she 'gets it' and is ready to bring representation to CUSD that prioritizes the best Whole Child education we can offer at all of our schools; for all children, educators, staff and community at large. 

Join us in any capacity and help elect someone

from our district, for our district!



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