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Patti was born of immigrant parents in southern Arizona.

The youngest of four children, she had a very strong community upbringing. While her Mom worked hourly jobs to make ends meet and could not always be home, a village of helpers made sure Patti did not go without. Decades later, now a Mom herself, Patti often reflects on the accuracy behind the adage, "It takes a Village."

Throughout school, Patti was continually inspired by very special teachers who continue to have a deep impact on her life today in adulthood: from her cursive penmanship to Cornell note taking, to her love for the Humanities, career in the sciences and community involvement, she can connect a crafted, passionate and selfless Educator as a source to each.  In her experience, her Educators did their best  to meet their students were they were, acknowledging one cannot learn to the best of their ability if their basic needs are not met. Observing and learning this from experts in their field, she has taken this approach in her leadership and professional career roles.


After graduating from Hamilton High School and Arizona State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Microbiology, Patti remains working in academic research

- growing out of a position she held in her undergraduate studies. She now has over two decades of experience working in research and education advancing children’s health. This largely involves developing and overseeing the evaluation of child and family interventions for culturally diverse and international communities. Beyond developing and helping prove evidence based child and family intervention programs, Patti's work proudly consists of assisting expert scientists in translating evidence-based interventions into community practice. This work often involves policy makers and community stakeholders locally and across diverse service sectors, including schools, community mental health agencies, hospitals and courts.

Patti knows what it takes to coordinate and bring stakeholders together to accomplish goals and outcomes in the best interest of a community. Her personal and professional experiences have given her the opportunity to learn the importance of social, psychological and health investigations, educating the public of these findings, along with making proven treatments available in a feasible way, and lead in the coordination of research trials. She truly finds clinical research a challenging and rewarding career that is fundamental to successful primary and behavioral healthcare, school, community and other institutional settings.

These skills will translate well into serving the community of CUSD and will bring a data driven approach to determining evidence based factors that may inform us to help make improvements. 

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