Save Our Schools

We are proud to share that Patti has qualified as a Save Our Schools Arizona #PublicSchoolProud school board candidate!

Save Our Schools is a non-partisan, community-based organization fighting for strong public schools for a strong Arizona. 


*Help protect our Public Schools by signing the Petition to refer the recently passed, historic voucher expansion being used with no accountability for things like expensive home gyms, home filtration systems, bounce houses and other indirects, while our Teachers can’t get funding approval for educational field trips or classroom supplies. Arizona remains at the bottom in public school funding; our Public Schools cannot afford this.

We know these vouchers are used by those already affording and attending Private Schools (*75% of applicants have never attended a public school).

Find a place to sign here or contact Patti who will help collect your signature!

Arizona List

We are proud to share that Patti is endorsed by Arizona List!

Arizona List helps empower, equip and elect women leadership for a stronger Arizona.

Patti is committed to Arizona List’s mission and, too, recognizes our school boards are important as significant policy-making bodies for issues directly affecting women and families throughout our school districts.

We are proud to be the only Chandler Unified School District Governing Board Candidate endorsed by this statewide, grass roots network committed to electing candidates like me!


Chandler Education Association

We are proud to share that Patti is recommended by our very own

Chandler Education Association (CEA).

The mission of CEA is: to be involved in all aspects of the educational process and
an advocate for its members and the issues which affect them.

Patti fully supports the work of CEA and the importance of collectively working towards better conditions for all those involved in our education process centering students, staff and educators.