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This campaign isn't about Patti's experience in CUSD alone, it's about all of US.

YOU will all be informing our Issues as we move through this campaign and beyond.

Subscribe and share your issues with us, OR, invite us to come talk to your local group, organization or community to learn about your experiences in CUSD.


 In order to help our students achieve full academic potential, we must recognize and respond to our children’s whole

well-being that includes academic, social-emotional, and mental health needs. I firmly believe in meeting our students where they are and acknowledging one cannot learn to the best of their ability if their basic needs are not met. This requires courage and a willingness to evolve and truly invest in this holistic approach in order to produce positive outcomes in our schools, prepare tomorrow’s workforce, attract economic investment, and foster innovation.


Listening is the base of our campaign. That's why you will continually find us out in our community listening, learning and becoming as informed as we can on what our CUSD residents and key stakeholders have to share. As we learn more, our service and representation will be better informed. This starts with those directly impacted by School Board decisions: our students!


There exists meaningful information and lessons behind numbers to help the District improve. Coming from a background in academic research, Patti intends to request and review reports beyond budgets and collaborate to prioritize working towards better together. Examples include looking at:

  • CUSD sub-groups across employment 

  • Disciplinary action events across school sites  

  • Demographics and academic achievement across school sites

  • Teacher retention rates

  • (Missing) Feedback loops on any parent, educator and staff surveys

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